The Boreal Trail

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A New Way to Discover Saskatchewan’s Northern Forest

The Boreal Trail in Meadow Lake Provincial Park officially opened this summer. This new trail is the only destination backpacking trail in the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks system and spans an epic 120km in an east-west traverse of Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  This impressive trail provides visitors the opportunity to experience a portion of the vast forest that covers more than half of our province.
In Meadow Lake’s Boreal forest you are able to walk beneath tall stands of jack pine and spruce mixed with poplar and birch; and through wildflower-strewn forests alive with the song of warblers and the rat-a-tat of busy woodpeckers. These are the primeval haunts of beaver, moose, wolf, black bear and red squirrel. The trail is rewarding and challenging, so one must be prepared with a keen eye and a camera, as well as sturdy footwear and all the supplies you will need for a day hike or an extended backpack.
The Boreal Trail offers back-country opportunities for hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and adventure seekers. There are designated campsites along the way where you will find bear-proof food lockers, barbeques and pit toilets. For those not inclined to carry a heavy load, the Boreal Trail also connects to several of Meadow Lake Provincial Park’s front-country campgrounds.  
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