Fabulous Fossils

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Saskatchewan can take you back in time.

In Regina, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s Earth Sciences Gallery looks at forces that moulded the province over two billion years ago when Saskatchewan was a very different place: a land of tropical forests, mountains and volcanoes; a place that was once a vast inland sea. Dinosaurs and other huge beasts of the past figure prominently in this gallery – Saskatchewan has incredibly rich fossil resources.

The ruggedly beautiful Frenchman River Valley near Eastend in the southwest corner of the province has long been considered a “supermarket of dinosaur bones”, and now you can get a close-up view of palaeontology work in progress at the T.rex Discovery Centre. In addition to learning more about “Scotty” the Tyrannosaurus rex, whose fossilized remains were found in the area, visit dig sites and try searching for fossils yourself!

At the Pasquia Palaeontological Site near Arborfield in east-central Saskatchewan, visitors can take a walk back in time on a scenic nature trail along the Carrot River to where the “Big Bert” Crocodilian fossil was found imbedded in shale. The shale here also exposes many other marine-like fossils, such as fish, shark’s teeth, plesiosaurs, and turtles, from 92 million years ago.